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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More goodness!

Well today was pretty good!! I'm feeling good about it. I went in today to the Center and was told by the receptionist that Dr.N was there. Okay, I began to feel fear creep up into me. I was prepared for Dr. B...not Dr. N. Dr. N admitted me to the hospital and told me scary stories. I took a deep breath and immediately began praying. I mean, I was really scared!

Well, M (the sonographer) was there again (thank goodness!!!) to do my sonogram, and she began looking at the baby. The baby started kicking as soon as the sonogram started, and she even felt the baby kick. Then she started measuring (they do that once every 2 weeks), and the baby is measuring 2 lbs 3 oz!!! Yay for the little one being in the 66th percentile!! So, as of now, the varix has not affected growth. That is truly amazing. We're going to have to keep hoping and praying that the baby keeps growing and things continue as they are.

Then, I had to wait for the Doctor to come in, and when he did, I think I was holding my breath. He sat down and said that everything looked the same, and that he thought three times a week for ultrasounds was a good idea. I then exhaled and began my verbal diarrhea that is so common for me. Sometimes I wish I could just stop talking. I told him that I did offer to come in every day for ultrasounds. What? Why did I just say that? He completely surprised me and said that he thought that was too much, and he was glad that I was in the hospital for a couple of days so he could get some consistent results, but he thought the plan of action was fine.

Also, I was told that the size of the varix with millimeters is dependent on the angle in which the baby is.

All of that said, I left the ultrasound room feeling good. I haven't felt good like that in a while. I made appointments from now til Feb 1st, and then left the hospital.

So, today I feel good. It's raining and I'm home cuddled with my cats, I'm going to make pizzelles for Scott, and I get to just take it easy.

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  1. I'm so glad you had a better doc visit and only good news!! Praying for you and trusting God to keep performing miracles big and small for you and your family :) love you!!