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Monday, January 23, 2012

"Stable" is a lovely word

Dr.D and I had a laugh over the word "stable" today. She happily told me that the baby was stable, and then said that she learned in med school that horses lived in stables, and that it wasn't the best word to use. But we agreed that it was indeed a nice word given the circumstances.

Scott and I had a VERY early morning. He accompanied me to my OBGYN appointment, which was at 7:45 am! Dr.T (my OB) was late, but he said that everyone was in labor this morning. He always makes me laugh and feel better. They checked the heartbeat (155 bpm) and then measured from the fundus, which was normal. That last part means that they measured the belly :). Dr. T said that everything was completely normal right now, minus the varix, so we were good to go. We left, Scott jetted off to work, and I went over to the Center for my Monday sonogram.

I got there and waited. And waited. Not sure why a 9 am  appointment warranted waiting that much, but I never know what's going on and who in the hospital needs sonograms. My favorite sonographer, M, came out to get me and did the sonogram. The varix measured the same as it had, so that was good. And, we did measurement. I'm very happy to say that the baby is measuring 9 days ahead, and in the 59th percentile. They weigh 3 lbs 11 oz. That's awesome!!! Keep growing, little one!!

We are stttttttiiiiiiiillllllllll in the frank breech position, but I'm not supposed to do anything to move the baby. So, we wait to see if they flip. If not, we are still en route to a C section.

Baby hasn't been moving during the day, rather they move from 1 am til about 3 am. A lot. No amount of chocolate, cold drinks, poking, laying on my side seems to make the baby want to move a lot during the day. Thanks for being so stubborn, baby.

Now to clean. I feel like any pregnant person should be exempt from cleaning. :)


  1. Maybe your baby lives in a different time zone and those are his active hours.

  2. Perhaps!! However, if this child is a girl, I think they will resent you saying "his"... :-D