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Monday, January 30, 2012

Still the same

I haven't updated in a while because things are still very much the same. I'm very excited to say that they are the same, but there isn't a lot to update. The baby is stiiiiiiiilllllllll frank breech. In fact, it's gotten to the point where the sonographers laugh when they see the baby's head up against my rib cage area. Ha. Ha. It's really...funny. Not going to lie, I laugh too.

However, my newest concern comes from my new-found knowledge that when a baby is frank breech for a lengthy period of time, they tend to want to stay in that position after birth for a couple days to a couple weeks. I spoke with Dr.M about that today, and she said that a baby's tendons and muscles are easily manipulated at birth, so should that happen, they'd be able to work to get the legs back down. I, however, am praying that the legs will just stay down on their own and that the position won't stay after birth.

On Friday, I talked with Dr.D, and they are now all on board with a delivery at 37 weeks. Dr.M also said that they are all expecting that things will go well. So, we are still on a day-by-day basis, but it looks like no one is going to push for 34 weeks anymore without a serious just cause. I am praying that they never see such a cause like that, and that the baby is healthily delivered at 37 weeks.

On Thursday, I will be 32 weeks!!! That's seriously 5 weeks til D-day!!!

Even though things are status quo (thank you, God!), I still have days where all the doctor visits get taxing. Driving 30 minutes to the hospital, waiting, etc gets taxing. I see the measurements, and I pray that they don't get bigger. We are currently up to 1 cm 6 mm. But, I think the silver lining is when they are doing a sonogram and I feel the baby kick and actually see the kick on the screen.
I get nervous when I see the cord in front of the baby's face, but no one else seems concerned. I just feel like yelling at the screen saying "don't touch that cord!!"

The biggest problem I'm having lately is the fear that I get when I get baby items. I know I need them, but I'm terrified that in getting the necessities, something will go wrong. I think this just stems from earlier in the pregnancy when the doctors scared me. I still have to take a deep breath when going to buy washcloths. I've been adding items to my registries, but each time I add something, I have to stop and pray for peace.

With all that said, I'm grateful for the "norm". I love hearing the baby's heartbeat and feeling kicks. Like I said, though, I'm still praying for a healthy baby at 37 weeks, and for a peace of mind for myself. Fortunately, Scott is very level headed and helps me take the deep breaths that I need to take so often.

Now, for those of you wondering, I don't feel like I've had a typical, "movie-like" pregnancy. I didn't get morning sickness like you'd see on tv, and I've never craved pickles and ice cream. I have, however, had heartburn and now we've seen hair on the baby through the sonogram. We know from previous posts that I DO have a strong desire to drink massive amounts of milk. But now I've had a HUGE desire to eat every Little Debbie snack ever made. Swiss Cake Rolls in my path do not stand a chance. Thankfully, this craving hit at 31 weeks and not earlier. A couple weeks ago, my doctor asked me to gain weight. Hopefully he won't ask me to lose now that I've discovered Ho-Ho's that have been banned since my childhood. :-D

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  1. Love the updates! Keep up the good work mommy. Don't worry about the baby's position Emma kept her legs up by her head for awhile, and she was never breech.