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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

72nd percentile!!!

Yes, that's right...the baby is in the 72nd percentile!! They measured today, and the baby weighs 6 lbs 1 oz, give or take a pound. That's SUCH a huge answer to prayer. That means that the baby is getting all the nutrition and blood flow that they need through the umbilical cord.

Today's appointment went fairly well. When I got there, N (the sonographer who is not my favorite) came to the waiting room to get me and I immediately started praying. She's nice, but she never seems to know what she's doing. She started the ultrasound and asked "So, do they have any surgeries scheduled for when the baby is born?" I immediately panicked and said: NO, why? Why would they do that? The varix disappears once the baby is born and the umbilical cord is no longer needed. Why do you ask?
She said that she hadn't seen me in a while and just wanted to see if anything changed. HELLO! Look at my file, lady! Don't ask me questions like that unless they are justified!!! Fortunately, the doctor said that there wasn't anything to be concerned about...but she freaked me out. And then....N asked if I had a fetal echo-cardiogram. WHAT??? I immediately panicked AGAIN and asked "WHY?? What is that? Why would I need that?" No reason again...she was having difficulty looking at the heart at this stage in the pregnancy and was just asking. She did say that people who get the echo-cardiogram get one because the baby is at risk for heart defects. According to the doctor, though, my baby's heart is's just hard to see everything since the bones have all hardened. But...don't ASK me stuff like that!
Anyway, Dr.M came in and asked to look for herself. She looked at the varix (which has varied measurements from 1.6 to 1.8), and there was a big black spot in the varix. This would mean that the blood is clotting and there is limited flow. I was really impressed though, because she said: "Let's go to another room and look at it on a higher powered machine." So, we went over to another room, and the black spot was no more. Blood flow was fine. Phew!

So, yes...I'm 35 weeks tomorrow and the baby continually gets 8 out of 8 on BPPs. The baby is measuring bigger, which will be good for an earlier delivery. I'm still holding my breath each time and praying that we make it to 37 weeks. I'm REALLY praying that the baby doesn't have any other issues. The doctors assure me that they haven't seen anything that would justify my worries that anything else is wrong. Personally, I believe deep down that nothing else is wrong, too. I just hate it when a sonographer plants new worries in my head.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers! It's going to be a LONG two weeks!

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