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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dr. Google is not my friend

It's true. Googling something is the worst thing you can is borrowing trouble. Last week, I looked up "Why do babies stay breech?" I got a ton of answers that began to make me anxious. I saw horrible pictures and really panicked. Finally, on Monday I asked Dr.B. He told me that, yes, there are some reasons a baby stays breech that have to do with brain development or pelvic bone size...but there are also breech babies that just don't want to turn. I asked if they would have seen anything in sonograms to prove the worst case scenarios and he said that, yes they could see it. They hadn't seen anything in my sonograms though.


Then I googled babies born around the 37 week mark. I began to panic again. My friend told me I was borrowing trouble. Sigh. I was borrowing trouble.

So, I've decided to stop looking at Google. I'm just going to hope and pray that all will be well, that the baby will be healthy, and that I can make it through this. I think I'm starting to go crazy.

The varix IS measuring 1.7 now. That's bigger than the stomach. Dr.N said that the turbulence has lessened, though, so that's really good. I'm still in panic mode...constantly.

I finally got the nerve to start doing baby laundry and setting up some of the nursery. We are still in a small house, though. Part of having a house on the market is that you keep it uncluttered and make it presentable for showing. The swing takes up half the dining room. Argh! I've gotten to where I can't find a place for toys or anything other than clothes and the essentials. I can't wait til we get a bigger house!! :)

Other than my panic and lack of space, all is well! The baby is doing well. I feel like I've aged 10 years though. I just look forward to holding this little one...and praying that in the meantime that varix stops getting bigger!!!

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