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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Highs and Lows

Throughout this process, there have been extreme highs, and extreme lows. However, there are times where the lows are moderate, but bothersome none the less. Last week was one of the lows.

On Monday and Wednesday, the varix measured 1.7. This is VERY large for a vein. To explain again, the vein should measure 9 mm at the time of birth. At the beginning of this, mine measured 8 mm (that was at around 21-22 weeks). Now, at 32 weeks, the vein measured 18 mm. Dr.B came into the room on Wednesday and said: The varix has grown half a centimeter since December. We don't know what this means or what the next step would be with this. We'll look again on Friday.

Of course, I panicked. See, both times it measured 1.7, it was with a whole new sonographer. And, the doctor didn't check for himself. I worried all week. I thought that I just couldn't do this anymore. It's just too exhausting. So, I ate a sleeve of Thin Mints. Don't judge.

On Friday, I had to drag a drugged up Scott with me to the appointment. Poor guy has his wisdom teeth out on Thursday, but he seemed to feel alright, and there are times I just think I can't face another appointment alone. When we got there, I asked the receptionists if M (my favorite sonographer) could do my sonogram. I let them know I was willing to wait. My thought was that if M did the measurement and it ended up measuring 1.7, I'd be able to accept that. I think the key to the measurement is consistency in the operation of the machine.

Alas, they called me back and M was not able to do the sonogram. We had a sonographer who has helped us before on the weekends, so I was okay. She measured 1.4. I sent up a prayer of thanks right then and there. Scott asked about the consistency of the operator, and it was verified that the operator could add a variation in the measurement. She said that a slight tilt of the wrist could change the measurement by a couple of mm. After she left, M came in and told us that she really wanted to do the sonogram but got caught up. She also reassured us of the variations. So, I felt a little better. And a little regretful of the thin mints.

Dr.M came in and asked if I wanted to be admitted into the hospital for the remainder of the stay. She said from a medical standpoint, the three time a week sonograms were adequate. However, if it was going to give me a piece of mind, she would sign off on my being admitted. I told her that, yes, it would make me feel better. But, no, it would not make me feel better.

So, I left feeling alright. The baby has been moving more. Last week, the baby measured 4 lbs 4 oz, so that's really good too.

Today, I met with my OBGYN and he said that all was well. He did, though, walk in the room and say "I think this is the most monitored baby in the history of medicine. I've had people go two times a week, some three times a week, but never for this long." Of course, he said it in a jovial way, but he's most likely right.

The up side to all of this is: 1) I have made the remainder of my sonogram appointments. 2) We are discussing D-Day now.

My OBGYN said that the baby might still flip (ha...), but he would look into when a C-Section would work in his schedule. Soooo...all of that said...should the varix not measure consistently large, and should the turbulence at the entrance to the varix not affect the growth or blood flow, I will make it to 37 weeks. However, should anything change, the baby will be delivered immediately.

I will be 33 weeks on Thursday. I'll give an update then because I'll finally be a new fruit/vegetable size! :-D

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