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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


If someone who was searching "umbilical vein varix" came across this, they might be concerned at the lacking of an end to this story. For the sake of my son, William, who might read this entire account someday, and for the struggling future mom out there, here is the end of my pregnancy story:

On March 8, I went to the hospital for a planned C-section. At around 2 pm, a 7 lb 2 oz baby was delivered. He was perfectly healthy, but due to being born 4 weeks early and in a C-section, his lungs weren't ready for the outside world. They tried to let him work it out himself, but by the end of the night he was sent to the NICU. The next 13 days were a test of patience and prayer.

I will say this, though. Those NICU nurses helped him and helped us more than I can say. After he was able to breathe normally and eat the right amount, we got to take our healthy baby home.

8 months later, he is a healthy, bouncy, talkative baby. He has an outtie belly button...who knows if that's from the cord. :) Regardless, all is well.

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